Jared Wray for
Fort Myers City Council Ward 6

Fighting For Fort Myers!

Jared Wray is a 19 year old college student running for the Fort Myers City Council seat for Ward 6. Jared decided to run because he's wants to make substantive, positive changes in the city. Wray wants to be a politician that serves the people and not special interests. Jared Wray wants to make sure that there is someone at City Hall fighting for working families, transparency, small businesses, and common sense solutions to our cities problems.


Policy Platform

Common Sense Solutions For Our City

Funding Non-Profits

Investing in the People of the City

Last year, the Fort Myers City Council narrowly voted to defund dozens of local non-profit organizations in the city. Many of these organizations provided valuable help and opportunities to the people in the city who needed it the most. Jared Wray understands how important these groups are to the city, and when he is City Councilman he will right the wrongs of the previous decision, and put funding back into these groups.

The Environment and Clean Water

Protecting the Lifeblood of Our Community

Jared Wray wants the City of Fort Myers to keep growing and expanding, but he wants to do it the right way. Wray is a proud environmentalist, and will never support any sort of ordinance or development that destroys our local environment. Not only is it the moral and ethical thing to do, we also need to protect the environment to keep our tourism industry booming. Wray also wants our local watrs to be as clean as possible. As City Councilman, Wray will bring in experts in the area and work with local,state, and federal agencies to ensure the quality of our waters.

Police Reform

Institutional Change

The murder of George Floyd re-ignited the debate about police brutality and accountability. Wray knows that to create a relationship of understanding and compassion between the police department and the people of Fort Myers, there must be common sense reforms to our cities police. Jared Wray is adopting Campaign Zero's policy platform on police reform, that includes such things as ending "broken windows" policing, increasing training that emphazies de-escalation of violent situations, more community representation and oversight, and much more. These are reasonable and easy changes that we can create in our city.



This is a grassroots campaign. If you would like to make a donation, please mail a check to 4522 Mystic Blue Way Fort Myers, FL. 33966


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